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Joyin Events is led by Oyinda Akisanmi. Oyinda has been planning events for five years and decided to establish her business in 2018. She has collaborated with various event planners in the industry and was mentored by one of the top event planners in the wedding industry.

Specializing in event planning and coordinating,  Joyin Events has three top focus: Love, Sweetness (honey), and Joy. From the beginning of the planning phase to the event execution, our goal is to ensure that the Joy and Sweetness of your day is what you will remember forever.  


Love ​

Sweetness ​


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Many people create notes on a computer and print them or send them through the Internet. However, I believe the most effective notes are handwritten. A handwritten note is personal and rare. Due to this, it will be given more attention.

Attention to Detail

Our wedding dresses are made-to-order and hand-embellished with artisan skill, requiring as many as 100 hours of effort. Each gown is thoughtfully designed to flatter your figure and crafted with the utmost care


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We understand that this can be a long process. That’s why we are here! We at Lé Joyin Events are committed to being with you step by step through this production. We ensure you the Joy and Sweet feeling of falling in Love over again.

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